DIY Fairy Terrarium (With Faux Plants)

June 28, 2016

Hey friend, I am so excited to share this post with you, today! First, let me explain the reasoning behind using faux succulents instead of the real deal. I have three cats, two of which are still under the age of one. They are VERY curious and love getting into trouble, which makes it difficult for me to have indoor plant life at the moment. I'm hoping they will simmer down in a few more months, because I am such a plant lover, but for now, faux is the only go!

Anyway, this DIY terrarium was almost entirely made with items purchased from World Market, one of my favorite stores. Because I'm an explorer member and the LED lights were on sale, I was able to save some cash, making this project very affordable.

What you will need:
  1. a cute terrarium
  2. moss
  3. Faux succulents
  4. LED micro string lights
(Hobby Lobby carries these items, as well, and I did add a couple of my crystals to the terrarium for aesthetic, but that's obviously not necessary.)

First, you'll want to be sure you put batteries into the pack, wrap up the black portion of the string for easy hiding, and place the pack in the bottom of the terrarium. 

Then, you'll start to place your moss. Be sure to cover any visible parts of the battery pack. The key is to add a little more moss than you think necessary, especially if you will be displaying crystals or other objects in your terrarium. 

Now, you'll add the "plants". I didn't want to crowd the space, so I only placed two succulents along with my amethyst cluster. Don't worry too much about the placement now, because you will need to rearrange a bit, while adding the string lights.

In this final step, you will add your micro string lights. As I began to put them into the terrarium, I moved the succulents, crystal, and moss around, placing the string around, in between, and somewhat underneath, for evenly distributed light.

And voila! There you have it. I loved this DIY because it was super easy, no-maintenance, and a lot of fun! Although, it did need to be relocated to a higher shelf about 10 minutes after this photo was taken. (LOL) 

Do you have cats? How do you keep plants in your pet friendly home? 



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  1. This is such a cute project! I am with you on the World Market love, and would totally have this in my house. I've been in love with the idea of a fairy garden, but none of the ones I see have really been "me", like this is. Sidenote: I like your blog, and your vibes! You've got a new reader :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm checking your out now, too, and I love it <3

  2. WOW this is so pretty in the end. I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't that!

  3. WoW! I love living things around the house, this DIY is great

  4. This is SO CUTE. My cat would have a FIELD day with it though....our solution to plants in our home is to not have them. Felix (our siamese) wants to eat them all LOL

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That is so cute! I keep meaning to make a terrarium.

  7. This is adorable! I want to make one asap!

  8. My girls are so obsessed with fairy houses right now. They want to make one this summer. This will be a great way to do it. Thanks!

  9. this is so cute! I love the little lights in it! I do have a cat, but thankfully she mostly leaves the plants alone

  10. This is so pretty and creative! I love how you put those little lights inside, it really gives the impression there are little fairies living inside

  11. That is so cute! I have a real live terrarium and absolutely love it. It's the perfect addition and conversation starter in our living room. :)

  12. That so pretty - I should do something like for my balcony.


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